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KTR Sport is the dedicated motorsport arm of K-Tec Racing Limited, specifically established to serve the Motorsport Industry and offer support for dedicated ECU and engine packages developed, tested and designed in house.

KTR Sport specialises is ECU calibration, both standalone aftermarket systems or remapping the OE ECU. This can range from a Stage 1 remap to a full race engine undertaking including mechanical and electronic solutions. We dont just concentrate on producing the best power but optimise drivability in all throttle and rpm sites. We believe that peak power is only one facet of driveable and reliable performance tuning. Power and response in all conditions is our goal.

Whether it be a regular service or a full race build we can accommodate your car. Our range of bolt on kits has been specially developed and custom manufactured to provide the best products and value for money available. Our principal aim is to offer top class products, advice and service.

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