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Any amount of time and money spent on an engine is worthless without the correct and accurate control system. With this in mind KTR Sport have developed the KTR Sport GEN90 and are currently completing the development work for the GEN128, engine management systems designed specifically to work with a wide range of RenaultSport passenger cars as well as compatible alternative applications.

Unlike alternative aftermarket ECU’s available for Renault applications at present, the simple Plug & Play interface on both GEN90 & GEN 128 minimises installation time and facilitates live mapping via Serial PC link. Even the most adventurous engine specification can be catered for without the need for intrusive wiring modifications or sacrificial mapping of the standard ECU.


> Dual core 100MHz processor
> 4 x 12 Amp ignition drives
> 4 x 5 Amp injector drives
> IP68 sealed
> 3 x 8 Amp full bridge drives for throttle, inlet, exhaust motors
> 1 x 8 Mb non-volatile memory
> 2 x CAN bus channels
> 1 x Serial port
> 1 x Internal Barometric sensor
> 1 x Internal ECU temperature sensor
> 24 x 12bit analogue inputs
> Full surface mount PCB built to ISO-9001 Certified Standard


> 90/128 Pin OE compatible loom interface
> Fully sequential fuel and ignition control
> Crank sensor can be a combination of HA, VR or Optical Sensor
> Drive by wire throttle (DBW), with safety reference and limp mode.
> Programmable timing patterns
> Suitable for naturally aspirated or boosted engines
> Air conditioning control
> Programmable sensor calibrations for temperature & gear position
> CAN and UART telemetry
> 8 Mbyte internal data logging memories at 250Hz frame rate
> Knock control
> Load derived from Throttle and MAP or MAF
> Shift light output
> Tacho output (CAN or analogue)
> Rev limiting by fuel and/or ignition cuts
> Ignition and fuelling compensation for battery voltage, gear,
air and coolant temperatures
> Deceleration fuel cut off
> Throttle and load triggered acceleration enrichment
> Startup fuel enrichment dependent upon coolant temperature
> Trims for individual cylinders
> Adjustable fuel timing for engine speed and load
> MAP based fuel trim for throttle derived load systems
> Idle speed control via push-pull valve, stepper motor or DBW throttle.
> Radiator fan control, for cooling and air conditioning
> Full throttle gear change
> Gear compensations for spark and boost
> Twin channel continuously variable inlet and exhaust valve timing
> Peak and stress accumulator logger for engine speed & coolant
> Auto Mapping via calibration software
> Aerospace build specification by arrangement
> Wideband Lambda input and amplifier
> Additional optional extras available to include anti-lag & ESP

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