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The KTR Sport Supercharger kit simply makes your car feel as though you have fitted a much larger capacity engine. The supercharger delivers seamless, linear power right upto the rev limit. Around town the car remains as drivable as when it left the factory but with improved response and performance. As you press on the power keeps coming, allowing you overtake with ease and feel equally at home on on the road or track. At the core of this kit is the Rotrex Centrifugal charger. Being belt driven, boost is created at very low rpm and the more you raise the revs, the more boost the supercharger creates. The kit has been designed to provide as much useable power as possible whilst not over stressing the standard components of the engine.

Peak power is up +80 BHP and 65 lbs/ft, with the torque being available over a large range of the power band. The engine management is taken care of by an included, fully mapped KTR Sport GEN90 ECU retaining the Drive by Wire throttle (where applicable). Drivability to match, or better the standard car with the extra power available when you want it.

A comprehensive “bolt on” kit using your stock engine and drive train, no internal changes are necessary, including using the standard clutch. Each kit is bespoke to your vehicle specification to include models with or without air conditioning as standard. The Supercharger kit can be fitted in house or supplied mail order and comes with everything needed for installation.

Please note air conditioning is not retained with this conversion.

Kit Contents

> KTR Sport Gen 90 ECU
> Rotrex Supercharger
> KTR Sport Intercooler and hard pipe kit
> Uprated Fuel injectors
> Rotrex standalone charger oil kit inc charger oil cooler
> KTR Sport Supercharger brackets and fitting kit
> Air filter kit

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