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At the heart of any naturally aspirated engine is air intake system. Providing the most direct and unrestricted air flow to the engine is the best way to get power, drivability and torque. KTR Sport has specifically designed an optimum “Direct to Head” (DTH) set of Individual Throttle Bodies to suit the Clio B RS (730/738). The extensive research involved in developing DTH Throttle Bodies has enabled KTR Sport to produce not only the next step in Throttle Body setups, giving proven gains in performance but also at a fantastic price. Once again available in kit format for DIY or Dealer installation alongside the GEN90 ECU.


> Retains the standard fuel rail and injectors
> Fuel injectors positioned for both power and efficiency by design
> Simple installation
> Clear Air Intake Design (CAID)®
> Optional Trumpet lengths and finishes available
> Lightweight cast aluminium construction
> Simple throttle linkage design
> Individual flow balance to each intake
> Seamless, smooth air transition from bellmouth to accurately calculated cylinder head aperture
> Incorporates standard air temperature sensor within inlet runner
> Built in threaded bosses and hard pipe brake servo connectors
> Comes with bespoke KTR Sport air filter


> The kit utilises the standard wiring loom for simplicity and cost
> Supplied with KTR Sport GEN90 ECU
> Various stock calibrations available for popular fitments
> Kit includes the most reliable and accurate contactless throttle position sensor

Drive by wire conversions

> Pedal adaptor kits are available for cars fitted with OE electronic throttle assemblies

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